About Us

What We Do

Here's what we're all about: We're committed to honesty, providing top-notch service, pushing boundaries, and simply being awesome. At Pickleball Gear Online, we're confident you'll find the best service and the coolest selection of pickleball gear. We're a local business dedicated to supplying top-quality pickleball equipment not only to enthusiastic individuals but also to sports recreation centers, schools, and businesses.


Why We're in the Pickleball Business

The reason we're in the pickleball business is simple: We're inspired by the stories of transformation that pickleball brings to people's lives. We've witnessed individuals discovering a newfound passion for being active, even after they thought their athletic days were over. We've seen the joy of camaraderie as people laugh and bond over a game. And we've heard countless accounts of improved health, with folks shedding pounds and reducing their blood pressure. That's what matters to us. That's why we're all in on pickleball.


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