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Pickleball Net System on Wheels

Pickleball Net System on Wheels

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Pickleball net on wheels. Perfect for clubs, gyms and schools or those who don't wish to disassemble the net after each use.

Pickleball Nets have an overall length of 22’ (6.71 m) extending over both edges of the 20’ (6.1 m) playing area. The height of pickleball net is 36” (91.44 cm) at the posts and lowers to 34” (86.36 cm) at the center of the court.

Pickleball Nets are the central dividing barriers between players and/or teams in a game of pickleball. Like other racket sport nets, the pickleball net is composed of a grid mesh with taped perimeters for rigidity and greater visibility. Because of the natural gravity of the long span of the net, the center of the net is permitted to be slightly lower than the outer edges and is often equipped with a center post to hold the middle height at a desired minimum. The net is held by two structure posts on either side of the net that can be designed for permanent or temporary use.

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